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Internet Safety

WSTA member companies are proud of the role they play in providing Internet access to homes throughout Wisconsin.  Our members recognize the role they can play in keeping children safe online.  Educating parents on the potential danger of the Internet is the first step in that process. Below are links to safety tips that parents can use in monitoring their teenager Internet usage.  Click on the following links to view safety tips and procedures for children of varying ages.

Report a predator-- contact the Cyber Tipline


Children’s Online Safety

Cyber Bullying

CyberNetiquette Comix™

In this series of comics, children learn about proper Internet ethics and the importance of keeping private information private. Join classic Disney characters for adventure, fun, and online awareness tips. 


The CyberTipline handles leads from individuals reporting the sexual exploitation of children including child pornography, online enticement of children, child prostitution, child sex tourism, misleading domain names and child sexual molestation (not in the family).

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

The Federal Trade Commission's Internet fraud and safety section provides information on identity theft, malware, spyware, and includes several articles discussing safety on the Internet for children, tweens and teens.


This site is a resource for parents to educate themselves and their children about how to use the Internet safely. They provide information on filtering software and recommend safe web sites for children of all ages.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

This site provides information on general child safety and Internet safety for children, parents, educators, law enforcement, and the community.

Online Safety for Children and Teens

This site contains a comprehensive guide to staying safe online.

This site provides tips, advice, links, and suggestions to help make your family's online experience fun and productive.

The online world offers a wealth of resources for education, entertainment, and connection with other people. Unfortunately, the internet also poses new dangers, and those dangers threaten teens especially. This site provides the resources necessary for both parents and their teens to safely utilize the Internet.

U.S. Department of Education

This site contains Internet safety and technology education information for parents and teachers.

This site contains Internet safety information for children, parents, teachers, and officials. It provides links to child-friendly and other Internet safety sites as well.


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