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Safety Programs

Midwest Workplace Training is offering online training opportunities for WSTA members. Safety awareness and training is a requirement for both new and veteran employees.

All of the details on safety classes and registration can be found at

There are five general categories with a variety of specific topics under each one in addition to three customizable category options:

1. OSHA General Industry- Understand OSHA policies, procedures and standards, as well as general industry safety and health principles.

2. Technical Staff- Learn all aspects of every employer’s safety and health program for protecting workers from injuries and illnesses in their daily work environment.

3. Office Staff- Maximize your employee training to ensure that staff actions contribute to health and safety in the workplace and those individual responsibilities are clearly understood. Gain skills to provide personnel with general information about hazards and accidents in an office environment.

4. Supervisors- Keeping workplaces free from hazards is one of the most critical aspects of a comprehensive safety program. Learn best practices for supervisors and managers to maintain safe and healthful workplaces. Ensure employees are adequately protected from hazards.

5. Workplace Wellness-Violence, stalking, sexual assault and sexual harassment are pervasive problems in our society. Explore how to prevent and deal with these situations in addition to ways to promote overall work wellness. Discover healthy workplace tools and resources to help you with handling disruptive behavior, impaired colleagues, adverse events and career transitions. Also learn tips to promote safety, manage stress, avoid burnout, think positively and advocate for a well workplace.

6.  Customizable Training- allows you to pick and choose modules from the five general categories to customize to your staff training requirements. (email modules or enter modules  in order comment on payment page)


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